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About the project

SITKol in its intention is a cohesive system of information service for participants of rail transport such as passengers, luggage and goods.

The task of SITKol is to help with transferring information between companies, offices and customers of railway. SITKol will be a multi-channel and multimedia dialogue platform designed for many various functions depending on the users' needs.

The system will streamline obtaining needed information, improve service quality for passengers, reduce costs of communicating with customers and business partners. SITKol will give easier access to decisions, licences or certificates provided by particular offices.

For passengers there will be an opportunity to plan the journey "door to door", to make a mobile reservation and to pay the fare. Technologies for presenting offers from carriers and chance to present current mail location by carriers to their customers are going to be made available in the field of freight transport .

The system is based on the main premise such as interoperating exchange of data from many various participants of rail transport including the ministry, carriers, infrastructure management, railway companies and railway customers. 

The project „Feasibility study of Information System for Rail Transport Service" under working name SITKol is co-financed by the European Union within the framework programme TEN-T (Trans - European Networks for Transport) for research and analysis and by national budget reserve in proportion 50/50%.


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